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CARGO  a post-apocalyptic trading game

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Cargo is a challenging single-player trading & survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world where people survive on small islands in the arctic.

  • Play as a trader who transports important goods between the islands by boat. Buy low, sell high and buy food and fuel from your profits to survive another day in the harsh environment.

  • Negotiate prices and build up your reputation among the island communities: Will you be an honorable businessman, an altruist or a greedy profiteer? It depends on your actions.

  • Upgrade and customize your boat, reach even remote corners of the region and find “Haven”, the only prosperous island left in this world.

    offers a unique blend of survival and trading gameplay and features resource management, exploration and tough moral decision-making.Scheduled for release in 2022.

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Andreas Gefken - Game Design, Production
Karsten Winter - Programming
Eckhard Seidel - 3D-Art

Home: About
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